Air conditioner


Summer, a beautiful 35 degrees under the sun you take place in your vehicle, which has spent a good part of its day to be sunburned! Is there any better feeling than when our air conditioner, which floods the vehicle's interior at its full potential, brushes against our face?
For this, you should know that our air conditioning also needs a good maintenance check once a year, that is to say every 20,000 km.
 The pollen filter, the compressor drive belt, the grid that protects the condenser at the front of the vehicle is not obstructed, all this must be checked by your professional!
Do you know the risks of not doing this annual maintenance?
The biggest problem will be mold! In an air conditioning system, the function of the evaporator is to cool and dehumidify the air that enters the cabin. When the air conditioning is turned off, the air in the evaporator becomes liquid again.
Water can cause bad odors and mold. It is therefore recommended that when we are stopped, to turn off the engine and air conditioning, but let the fan run a few minutes to dry the evaporator.
So, don't go away to make an appointment, deal with our experts of the Desmeules group, they have the good technique and the equipment required for this type of maintenance!