Top 5 Reasons to Buy a New Car in Blainville


Top 5 Reasons to Buy a New Car in Blainville

Top 5 Reasons to Buy a New Car in Blainville

When it comes time to upgrade your vehicle, the choice can be overwhelming. Not only do you need to choose between different vehicle models, colours, and spec levels, but you also need to decide whether or not you want a new or used vehicle.

This article is going to cover all the reasons that you should be looking at new cars for sale in Blainville rather than used ones. Take a look now to learn why buying a new car is your best option.

5 Reasons to Buy a New Car From a Car Dealership in Blainville Today

To make the most informed purchase decision when buying a car, you need all the facts. We have endeavoured to present them to you. Below are the top 5 reasons why you would benefit from buying a new car for your next vehicle upgrade.

#1 Latest Safety Features

When purchasing a used car, you will always be getting an older model. This means that it won't have the latest safety features to keep you and your family safe. New cars will have more updated safety in-built. If you want peace of mind when driving your family from A to B, a new vehicle is the best choice.

Additionally, a new car has never been driven, so you won't need to worry about the CARFAX Canada report throwing up any reported accidents or frequent repairs. Used cars tend to require a lot more maintenance, and while you can get a comprehensive vehicle history report that covers all you need to know about the vehicle history, it doesn't change any damage that the vehicle has sustained.

Instead, a new car doesn't have any vehicle history. It hasn't been in any accidents, and you won't need to worry about old damage to the vehicle causing safety issues later down the line.

#2 Advanced Technology

Want the latest sound system and interactive features in your vehicle? Then buying a new vehicle is right for you. As with safety features, you're only going to be able to find the most innovative tech in new vehicles!

While you could try your chances of finding a higher-spec used vehicle, it is likely to take less time and effort to simply choose a new vehicle you like!

#3 Warranty Coverage

Most used vehicles no longer have warranty coverage simply because they have exceeded the warranty period. However, a new car will still have coverage for 3+ years (the actual period may vary depending on the vehicle manufacturer).

A warranty essentially covers the vehicle for any defects that are the manufacturer's fault. This means if you have any trouble within the period, your repairs are covered.

As we mentioned, with used vehicles, you will often get lots of information, like odometer reports and a copy of the report from CARFAX Canada, providing comprehensive reporting on your vehicle, but all this does is give you a list of issues the car has had.

You will need to set aside more money for vehicle maintenance when you buy a used vehicle simply because it is older and has had previous owners. With a new vehicle, you're likely to have less maintenance and many issues are covered by the manufacturer if they do occur.

A new vehicle may be more expensive, but lower maintenance costs offset the increased price.

#4 Customization Options

If you choose to buy a new car in Blainville, you're much more likely to get the exact vehicle you want. This is because new vehicles often allow for customization. You can pick from certain interior styles, spec levels, and more to ensure that the car you buy suits you perfectly.

With used vehicles, you're likely to spend longer looking for a new vehicle if you want a very particular car.

#5 The Joy of Owning a Brand-New Car

Last of all, there is nothing better than that new car smell. Driving a new car is an exciting prospect. With all the latest features, customization to your needs, and the status of having a new vehicle, the joy of owning a brand-new car is second to none!

Buying a New Car at Blainville Chrysler: Benefits

If you're in need of a new vehicle in Blainville, then look no further than Blainville Chrysler. We're a car dealership selling new and used vehicles in Blainville, offering car maintenance and supporting customers with different car financing options.

We're proud to offer excellent customer service and can support you every step of the way as you find and finance your new vehicle.

Our inventory is extensive and includes everything from Dodge and Chrysler vehicles to RAM and Jeep options. If you'd like to learn more about our dealership,contact the team now.

Finance Options for a New Car in Blainville

At Blainville Chrysler, we want to make it easy for you to be able tofinance your new car. We offer trade-in options so that you can use the value of your old car as a downpayment for your new one. We also offerlease financing to help you split the cost of a new vehicle into monthly installments.

Final Thoughts

New cars offer you the latest technology, including safety features, have warranty coverage and can be customized to your specific needs. If you're looking for a vehicle that won't need lots of maintenance, then buying a new car is the right choice for you.

Still not sure whether you want a used or a new vehicle? Come into Blainville Chrysler today, and we can offer guidance and advice on the best kind of car for your needs and budget.