Blainville Chrysler presents the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid 2020


The Pacifica is a reliable, safe and practical vehicle that your family will love. Here's why!

The economic aspect

The energy factor is more and more considered by families, isn't it? Since minivans like the Chrysler Pacifica 2020 are good choices for families, the manufacturer has thought about offering them the comfort and space they need, as well as fuel economy. Wonderful!

In fact, according to the EPA, the Pacifica Hybrid 2020 can travel up to 53 km on electricity, with combined fuel consumption on the road and in the city. Impressive, isn't it? In fact, on the highway, it managed to cover 37 km in electric mode before the gas engine had to take over.

The space available 

This family vehicle is 17 feet long and offers 32.3 cubic feet of cargo space in the back of its last row of seats. The third-row Stow 'n Go seat folds down to provide an additional 87.5 cubic feet of space. This gives you a maximum cargo capacity of 140.5 cubic feet.
In addition, the Chrysler Pacifica 2020 can accommodate 8 passengers. It allows plenty of space, so adults can move around comfortably while children are comfortably seated.

The big extras

The Chrysler Pacifica hasn't convinced you yet? The modern interior, the matt and soft surfaces make this vehicle a minivan that corresponds to the latest market trends. The optional Nappa leather upholstery gives a rich look to its interior, you'll love it!

It also has several compartments, cup holders and sliding bins, perfect for your family!

Moreover, the Pacifica Hybrid 2020's technological features and conveniences are numerous: 240 optional configurations that are as functional as they are aesthetic, and more than 100 standard safety features.

When it comes to security? No problem, Pacifica has all the latest driver assistance features.

So come see us to purchase your Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid 2020 and drive your family without worries.