Choosing The Best Car Dealership For You


Choosing The Best Car Dealership For You
If you are wondering what factors to consider when choosing a car dealership in your area, then today’s blog is for you! Keep reading for tips on how to choose the best car dealership. If you require a great dealership, contact Blainville Chrysler now!

Choosing The Best Car Dealership For You

Choosing The Best Car Dealership For You

Finding your dream car isn’t just about finding the vehicle itself. Finding the best dealership for you can make a significant difference to the buying experience. Friendly salespeople, good deals and great locations change your entire outlook on the buying process, so it’s essential to consider finding a dealership before you start thinking about the vehicle.

To help you find the best dealership, we’ve created this comprehensive guide of six things to consider when finding a dealership.

Get Information About Their Financing Options

While you should come prepared with pre-approved finance to help you negotiate the best deal, a good sign of a reputable dealership is one that provides comprehensive service and advice on financing options.

Good dealerships will provide a list of financing options that are easy to spot on their website. If you’re unsure, contact the dealership and ask about financing options. If they don’t provide you with these options, consider moving on to another dealership. Transparency is important, and a good dealership will value their customer’s need to understand their options.

You’ll need to find out about financing, ideally before you conduct a test drive and visit the dealership. This ensures that the car you set your heart on falls within your budget.

Exploring The Dealership's Inventory

Inventory and having an extensive range of choices when looking for your car is very important. Good dealerships will have a large stock of both new and used cars along with the option to browse through their inventory online.

Within this inventory, dealerships should also stock high-quality cars with good histories and a comprehensive list of the features of the car. For used cars, dealerships should include car history such as mileage, accident history, previous owners and additional features.

Exploring the dealership’s inventory prior to an in-person visit will mean that you have a better idea of what you want in a car. Try to steer clear of dealerships with very little inventory. They might drive prices up and their inventory may consist of poor-quality cars.

Take A Look At Their Reviews

Reviews are very important and aren’t just a forum for people to vent their frustrations; they’re a vital research outlet to compare and contrast the best things and the not-so-great things about a particular dealership. While people are more likely to leave a review if they’ve had a bad experience, you’re likely to find reviews helpful when finding legitimate reasons not to do business with a dealership.

You should also look for the positives in reviews, identifying particular reviews that highlight positive customer service experiences. It’s important to exercise some critical thinking when reading reviews. You’ll need to measure whether people are leaving negative reviews because of a legitimate business problem, or if they just didn’t get what they wanted out of the transaction.

Consider The Long Term Relationship Between You And The Dealership

As much as we wish they would, cars don’t last forever, and you’ll likely need to use a dealership again. Additionally, you might need to buy a car for a family member.

In that case, you’ll want to find a dealership that you’d be happy to do business with again. This can help you speed up the process of finding a car and reassure you that you’ll be looked after during the buying process.

Fostering a positive long-term relationship with a dealership is very important as you may also return to their business for maintenance checks and service visits. Some dealerships might also offer loyalty benefits to long-term customers, such as discounts on servicing. This is a great way to cut down on your maintenance costs and protect you against nasty financial surprises if your car doesn’t meet your expectations.

What's Their Business Philosophy Like?

We talk a lot about considering business philosophies during recruitment processes, so you would be forgiven if you’re scratching your head at this. However, if you spend lots of money on a vehicle, you’ll want to know that the business you’re buying from is genuine and honest.

You should try and look for a business that prioritizes a customer-first philosophy. This will reassure you that you’re not just looked at as another sale for the dealership. A good way to measure business philosophy is to assess whether the business is involved with the community and has lots of loyal customers.

A dealership with a good business philosophy is a dealership that won’t put pressure on you, so watch out for this when you’re either browsing online or visiting in person. Dealerships that value their customers as an individual won’t force them to make commitments or sign documents, so if you experience this, walk away!

Is The Dealership Easily Accessible?

Accessibility often gets overlooked when you’re considering a car dealership. While you might want to travel further for a good deal, this can incur more transportation costs, so you’ll want to ensure your dealership is accessible for in-person visits. Accessibility also refers to accessibility by phone or email. You’ll want a dealership that’s ready to respond to all of your burning questions, so you should be able to find their contact details on Google or their website with ease! This is especially important to consider when you’ve bought the car. It’s not uncommon to run into issues when buying a car, so you’ll need to contact the dealership after the sale.

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