Dealer Inside, the revolution in car dealerships!


Do you know Dealer Inside? This is the new live video communication tool designed for the automotive industry. 

With the technology offered by Dealer Inside, you can shop for your dream car online. In fact, it allows you to talk to one of our specialists via live video, see the car in real time and gather a maximum of information about the car you are interested in without having to go to the dealership. 

No downloading is necessary, you just need to launch the video communication with a single click! In fact, you just have to click on the green button: Click here, on the vehicle's description. You will then see the vehicle in real time, it saves time!

Our advisers can guide you through every step of the process online, whether you choose the vehicle, view it live or even sign the contract! You can have your vehicle delivered securely to your home or dealership.

It is interesting to note that Groupe Desmeules is the pioneer of this revolutionary tool, but it's growing more and more. This is not surprising, considering the incredible number of advantages it can bring you!