Did you know that we offer SAAQ services?


Indeed, at Groupe Desmeules, we have an SAAQ counter to offer you more services. What's great? We are located on the Laval West highway! We are therefore very well located and easily accessible to serve you.

We offer you a mechanical visual inspection of your vehicle. The service is offered for light vehicles with a PMVB under 4500 kilos. What is the purpose of mechanical inspection? The mechanical inspection is a visual inspection of its main components by an authorized SAAQ agent. There will be no dismantling of the various parts of the vehicle.

You are not a client of ours? We offer you the service too! Whether it is because you would like to have your car inspected, or you need to have a car imported outside Quebec inspected, we will be there for you! You will then have your document to bring to the SAAQ in order to have your car plated.

We also offer photometric testing services, technical expertise for your damaged vehicle, and more!

This way, we know that you are safe in your vehicle and that it can drive on the road efficiently. Here is another good reason to come and see us, we offer a complete service to our clients, and your satisfaction and safety are important to us!