Hybrid vehicles


What you need to know about hybrid vehicle maintenance.

The maintenance of hybrid vehicles is very similar to that of ordinary vehicles, the advantage with hybrids is that the frequency of maintenance the brakes or the engine is much less frequent.

For the brakes, the slowing down of a hybrid vehicle is ensured by the regenerative braking, the brakes are less used at the time of the stop. The discs and pads degrade and heat up less, so they need to be replaced less quickly than in an ordinary vehicle. However, to preserve them properly, it is important to go to your garage to have them disassembled to remove rust accumulation, lubricate and replace the brake fluid according to the manufacturer's recommended maintenance.

In a regular vehicle, the combustion engine is always running, whether you're driving or stuck in traffic! The hybrid vehicle only works when the traction battery needs to be recharged or when you need more engine power. When you are stopped for a while, the combustion engine stops. The oil must be changed as often as the normal vehicle, but the life span is much longer, because the engine is less stressed.

So, it's important to follow the maintenance schedule for your hybrid or regular vehicle!

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