Summer is coming!


Summer is coming!

Who says new season, says adapt your vehicle to be well prepared.

A little practical help for you, of course, the change of tires, because warmer surface, winter tires can wear out faster. Very important, a good washing of your car to remove all accumulated dirt inside and outside the vehicle. Calcium damage to carpets and paint can be harmful and cause rust.

Aesthetics are great, but don't forget about the other things that are important to the proper functioning of your vehicle, such as
- Air filters: Cold weather wears out air filters, so remember to replace them as needed to improve cabin                          air quality, reduce your fuel consumption and avoid odor build-up.

- Fluids: Windshield washer fluid runs out faster in winter, so replace it.

- Oil, brake and transmission fluids.

- Wiper blades: After the winter, they can be so worn that they will leave marks on the windshield, which should be avoided.

- Brakes: Salt can wear out the brakes if they are not properly cleaned and lubricated.

- Your battery: It needs to be cleaned, because if the spark plugs are dirty, it can waste gas.

It is always best to deal with professionals to keep you and your family safe.

Do not hesitate to make an appointment with us, our experts are at your service!