The ABCs of Sprint tires


It feels like spring and spring means installing your summer or all-season tires starting March 15!

Did you know that if you buy a new or used vehicle, you have a grace period of 7 days to install the right tire for the current period of the year.

Another advice, do not drive on winter tires in summer, it can be dangerous, because the grip of a winter tire on hot surfaces is much less than a summer or four seasons tire.

As for summer tires, when the temperature is below about 7 degrees Celsius, the grip is diminished.
If your tires are less than 4/32nd, it is really time to change them. Riding with overly worn tires greatly increases grip and braking distance, especially in winter and rainy weather.

You can calculate the wear of a tire with a specialized measuring device that you can find in auto parts stores.
Otherwise, with a quarter held upright, place the quarter between the studs and if the head of the caribou sticks out, you are good to go for your next season.

This period is always very busy so don't delay in contacting us to get your appointment as soon as possible to be ready for the good weather.

Have a great season!