The ABCs of Winter Tires


Ahhh winter tires! There are so many factors to look out for when buying tires, how do you know what to look for?

First of all, when should we install this? We know that the deadline is now December 1st, but we should install them as soon as the temperature is -7 degrees Celsius, because below this temperature, winter tires lose grip and it becomes more dangerous.

Second, how do we choose them? It depends on several factors, here they are. 


Of course, not all vehicles have the same size tires. It should be the same as your summer tires. This information is written on the side of the tire, for example: P225/60 R16. The first number indicates the width in mm; the second is the ratio between the height of the tire (sidewall) and the width of the tread; and the third is the inside diameter in inches. It is therefore this size that should be taken.

Road conditions

Road conditions are very important factors when choosing your tires. Do you drive on the highway, city or country roads most of the time? Yes yes, it influences your purchase! Better quality tires are recommended if you drive long distances. If you drive mostly in the city, tires with a good price-quality ratio will do the job. 

Buying used tires? You can check for wear with a quarter coin by taking the coin between your thumb and forefinger, head down. Next, locate a spot on your tire where the tread looks the most worn and insert the head at that point. If the head is completely hidden, you are driving with the legal and safe tread depth. On the other hand, if you can see the entire head, the tire's ability to grip in harder weather will be less safe. 

Do you have questions about tires or would you like to plan the installation of your tires so that you don't get caught out? Give us a call and we'll take care of it for you!