Why Leasing a Car in Blainville is a Smart Choice


Why Leasing a Car in Blainville is a Smart Choice

Why Leasing a Car in Blainville is a Smart Choice

When it comes to car financing, there are many options available in Blainville, Quebec. You could buy a new or used car with cash or use a car loan to finance your vehicle. You may also choose to lease a car.

In this article, we will look at what leasing a car is, the advantages of vehicle leasing in Blainville, and why it might be the right choice for you. Take a look below to find out more now.

What Does It Mean to Lease a Car From a Car Dealership in Blainville?

Leasing a car means signing a contractual agreement with a car dealership (or leasing company) for the use of a vehicle. In essence, you are renting the car for a specific length of time from a dealership, usually between 2 and 5 years.

No matter the length of the car lease agreement, you will need to return the car at the end of this period unless you choose to buy it for an additional fee. A car lease also requires you to meet monthly payments to cover any depreciation, interest rates, and other applicable fees.

Lease agreements often come with predetermined mileage limits. If you exceed this limit, you must pay additional charges at the end of the lease agreement period. Any excessive wear and tear or damage may lead to extra fees, too.

You will also be responsible for the regular car maintenance during the lease agreement unless those are written into and covered by your contract.

If you decide you want to end your lease agreement early, you will find it can cost quite a bit, so you must understand the terms of termination before you sign the deal.

Advantages of Leasing a Car

Car leasing is the right choice for many people in Blainville. There are a lot of benefits to this kind of car financing option, including the following.

Low Monthly Payments

The monthly payments for a car lease are typically much lower than that of a car loan. If you're looking for a cheaper way to afford a new car, then leasing could be your best choice.

Car Upgrades

Leasing a car means that you will upgrade your car frequently. You can upgrade to a newer vehicle with all the latest features at the end of each leasing period. This means you get to enjoy a new car at frequent intervals.


Leased cars are typically newer models, so the vehicles are still under warranty. This helps to keep the costs of repairs low, as many of them will be covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

No Resales

When your lease agreement ends, you either return or buy the vehicle. This means that you don't have the responsibility of having to resell the vehicle once you decide to upgrade.


Leasing a vehicle is a brilliant choice if you want flexibility. Once the lease term ends, you don't have to buy the car, and you can simply return it to the dealership and upgrade to a new vehicle if you choose. You may also walk away from the lease without the burden of owning a car at the end of it.


While you will need a down payment for a lease, it will likely be much lower than the amount required for a car loan. This means if you don't have the funds available for a car loan down payment, you could possibly afford a lease instead.

Reduced Risks of Depreciation

One of the main drawbacks of purchasing your car, whether outright or with a car loan, is that you pay for the depreciation over time. The longer a vehicle is driven, the less value it has, which means that you will lose money when it comes time to sell. With a car lease, you don't have to worry about that.

Car Leasing in Blainville

Choosing lease financing is a smart choice for a few reasons. To begin with, car dealerships in Blainville, like Blainville Chrysler, have a large selection of vehicles available for you to choose from. This means you can drive new vehicles for a fraction of the cost when you lease a car.

Additionally, car dealerships in Blainville can offer flexible lease terms to ensure you get the lease term you want and a monthly payment amount you can afford.

If you want to learn more about car leasing in Blainville, don't hesitate to contact Blainville Chrysler today. They offer a quality service and have a wide variety of vehicles available.

Debunking Misconceptions About Car Leasing

Many avoid leasing a car because of some common misconceptions about the process. We have debunked a few of these below to help you understand why we think car leasing is a smart choice.

Leasing is More Expensive Than Buying

Contrary to popular belief, lease payments are typically lower than the monthly payments for a car loan. If your financial situation requires it, a car lease can be much more affordable for you in the short term than buying.

You Don't Own The Car

While it is true that you don't own the car at the end of the lease, this is not necessarily a bad thing. For some people, not having the burden of ownership is much more appealing. You don't have to worry about the resale value, and you don't have to cover maintenance costs.

Leasing is Restrictive

This misconception means people think you cannot negotiate a lease agreement or modify a vehicle. Like any agreement, you can negotiate terms, and dealerships like Blainville Chrysler are open to terms that suit you. You may also modify a car provided the changes are reversible and don't damage it.

Final Thoughts

Car leasing is a smart choice for those who don't want the burden of ownership and want an affordable way to have a car. Working with a dealership, you can negotiate terms and get the best agreement for you.